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Who we are

Event Management Extraordinaire


Comprehensive Event Management

ADE is a comprehensive event management firm founded in 2010. We specialize in creating memorable and accessible designs for various clients, including corporations, government entities and international groups.

Our goal is to make an impact through our open and collaborative design process, turning ideas into engaging environments and opportunities into results. We strive to work with clients who want to make a global impact.

Connecting People Through Design

We craft meaningful relationships between people and brands through design. Our creations bridge our client's visions and their audiences' experiences, breathing life into their aspirations.

Our designs embody the essence of their message, eliciting curiosity and sparking inspiration. With every project, we strive to make an unforgettable impact on the world around us.

Designing More Than Experience

We don't just design experiences, we craft unforgettable memories that touch the very essence of the human spirit.

Attention-grabbing Exhibit

Boost the engagement of attendees, Achieve all your goals, At any size and budget.

Create. Deliver. Impact.

End-To-End Event Management Services


Single team.

End-to-end design and production expertise enables forward-thinking strategy that meets challenges with solutions. Not compromises.

Single workflow.

With 3D visualizations, CNC robots, large capacity 3D printing and more in one place, digital fabrication streamlines the process like never before.

Single partner.

Manage your project through a single point of accountability, instead of multiple vendors with different priorities and standards.

What we do

World of Seamless Event Management


Event Management

Whether you're planning a corporate meeting, conference, product launch, trade show, exhibition, or international event, we can help turn your vision into reality. Our comprehensive event management services take care of every detail, ensuring that your event runs smoothly, and any unforeseen issues are handled promptly and efficiently.

Exhibition Stand Design and Build

Our team of experienced designers and builders will help you create an eye-catching and functional exhibition stand that sets you apart from the crowd. We provide a complete design and build service, including graphic printing and installation.

Fit Out

From custom flooring and carpeting to lighting and electrical services, we provide everything you need to make your event space look and feel exactly how you want it.


We have a wealth of experience in event production and can provide audio and video rental, rigging and staging services, and onsite event staffing and security.

Logistics and Manpower

We handle your event's logistics, from transportation and setup to onsite management and support. Our skilled and professional manpower will ensure that everything runs smoothly.


We create unforgettable brand experiences for events. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you build a strong and consistent brand presence that will leave a lasting impact on your audience. From brand promotion to building brand awareness, we offer a full range of branding services to elevate your event and showcase your brand's potential.


We do award-winning work for a wide range of clients.


ADE in number

We make moments that matter. And we have the numbers to prove it.


Successful events managed by Advanced Dimensions.


Happy customers across the Kingdom.


In the exhibition and event management sector.


Experienced members in event management.


We are proud to have worked on very high profile projects with important clients.



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